Welfare in general

The Legion provides support for those who have served in the Armed Forces, their dependants and carers. It does so under the rules of their Royal Charter

A "beneficiary" is not just someone who served in the Armed Forces but also individuals who have served in the Mercantile marines afloat in hostile waters, some Voluntary Aid Societies who served full-time in uniform, or the Home Guard including those who served in a Bomb and Mine Disposal Unit, may be eligible. Other individuals can be considered, such as dependants and carers, under certain circumstances.


Welfare in Switzerland

State health and social services assistance must be sought in the first instance: it provides citizens with a large range of services. The Legion cannot intervene where State welfare care is already offered. Access to public services must be maximised before resorting to charitable funds.

Before assistance can be provided to beneficiaries living overseas (i.e. Switzerland), Case Workers and Case Managers must be informed to ensure that any legal registration requirements have been satisfied for state and social care. The Grants Scheme is designed to help individuals get through a temporary crisis but does not provide cash. The type of help available in Switzerland includes advice, applying for pensions or disability claims (some of which may require to be heard in a UK tribunal), hospital and housebound visiting.

To be eligible for support you should contact our Welfare Officer, using the contact details on this website, who will assess your case and ascertain what support may be provided within the rules of the Royal Charter. "