Becoming a member

Becoming a member of the Royal British Legion Swiss Branch opens you up to a whole range of social, ceremonial or business events and information provided by the Legion and its partners (RAFA association, British Residents Association, British Swiss Chamber of Commerce, UK Government, etc.).
The fee to join is CHF50.- out of which £17 is allocated to the UK and the remainder is retained in Switzerland to fund our activities, including local welfare.
Two methods can be used to become a member:

The Swiss portal method
Simply request a registration form via the “Contact us” page on this website. You will be requested to make a payment on our Swiss bank account, which can be made using the Swiss “pink slip” (locally known as BVR), or pay via your online banking system.

If you use this system, we are requested to send a report to the UK each year before the 31st of December and make the payment of £17 per person. This means that each year, as soon as September, you will receive an email or a letter from the Swiss branch inviting you to renew before the end of October. Unfortunately, you will receive automatic messages from the UK, which should be ignored, as they often forget the special treatments given to overseas memberships (we only represent a tiny fraction of the total membership numbers).

The UK portal method
To do this, follow the instruction on the following link:
You will be requested to make a payment via direct debit, credit card, PayPal, or other such methods. This payment will be credited to the Legion’s UK bank account.

If you use this system, the UK will keep £17 and credit our Swiss account with the difference. If you use this method of registration, you should take into consideration all mailings sent by the UK regarding renewal.


This double system is unfortunate and may create confusion although we are working with our UK partners to try and simplify it. We thank you for your understanding.